Chinook Long Lanyard System

$182.00 to $191.00

Built to Order


DIAMETER11mm (7/16")


Climbers are discovering the benefits of carrying an extra-long lanyard with them as they ascend. The length of the lanyard lets it be used like a second climbing line, and can be switched to when the main climbing line needs to be advanced. The extra length in a positioning lanyard opens up possibilities for working the canopy. When you don't need the full length, store the excess in a lanyard pouch or climb bucket.

Add a ring or thimble prusik for extra options.

Kit contains:

  • Chinook Long Lanyard (FLI270M)
  • Bail Out 7.5mm x 28" Prusik (CLI333M-28)
  • RockO Auto Lock Carabiner (CAR136)
  • RockO Wire-Eye Auto Lock Carabiner (CAR152)
  • Phlotich Pulley (PUL160M)

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10/18/2023 6:51 pm

Such a great idea and well made

by John

This is exactly what I need for many situations where work positioning lanyard is just not long enough and yet another full size climb line is too much.