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Tree Pruning and Tree Health Books

Trees are complex living organisms and the study of tree biology and proper pruning techniques will richly reward the professional and hobbyist alike. WesSpur carries a selection of books from the forerunners in tree care and tree science.

We have a wide selection of books by the renowned Dr. Alex Shigo on pruning, tree biology, and more available here.

Audobon Society Field Guide to Trees

Audubon Society Field Guide to Trees

Eastern Region
Western Region

These tree identification manual cover nearly every species in the US, divided into Eastern and Western regions. Over 700 full cover photos including pictures of bark, foliage, and fruit to aid in identifying a tree. Detailed physical descriptions of each species with habitat and range. 600+ pages with durable, waterproof vinyl cover.
600+ pages, softbound, color photos.

Evaluating Tree Defects Book

Evaluating Tree Defects


This compact photo guide explores the common ways trees fail and how to spot and evaluate the severity of the defect and the danger it may pose to the community or your climber.
26 pages, heavy card stock, spiral bound and laminated.

Alex Shigo: Modern Arboriculture

Modern Arboriculture


Dr. Alex Shigo gives a thorough course on tree health, biology, and proper pruning and management. Very in-depth science and love of trees have gone into this book, making it a great resource.
423 pages, hardbound.

Alex Shigo: New Tree Biology

New Tree Biology


Dr. Shigo's 600 page exhaustive text on tree biology is accompanied by a dictionary of terms. Covers all aspects of tree biology in detail. An excellent resource for those who wish to maximize the health and longevity of the trees they care for.
600 pages, hardbound, b&w photos and illustrations, dictionary of terms.

Pruning Trees Near Electrical Utility Lines

Pruning Trees Near Electrical Utility Lines

English / Spanish

This pocket field guide is designed to show qualified line-clearance workers proper pruning techniques, particularly for high-value trees in cities, residential areas, parks, campgrounds, scenic areas and highways, and other places where tree health, beauty and safety are important. Dual-language pamphlet shows content with English on one page with the Spanish translation opposite. 34 pages of instruction in both English and Spanish (totaling 68 overall pages), softbound pamphlet.

Alex Shigo: Tree Basics

Tree Basics


Dr. Alex Shigo presents a 39 page illustrated booklet illustrating the basics of tree anatomy, and what is need for trees to live and thrive.
39 pages, pamphlet, illustrations & photos.

Alex Shigo: Tree Pruning Basics

Tree Pruning Basics


Pamphlet demonstrates proper pruning of trees for health and beauty. 32 pages with color illustrations & photos showing the dos and don'ts of pruning common trees.
32 pages, pamphlet, color photos.

Alex Shigo: Tree Pruning Photo Guide

Tree Pruning Photo Guide


An informative photo guide discusses pruning for both attractiveness and health. The first and only book that takes you inside to show you how branches come on a tree. Once you know this, proper pruning becomes easy. A conversational style, plus step-by-step illustrations, makes it easy to understand.
186 pages, softbound, color photos.

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