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CAMP Products for Arboriculture

CAMP is an Italian manufacturer with a long history of making great gear for technical adventures in extreme conditions. This expertise in climbing hardware has helped them develop new products which are a perfect fit for the tree care industry. In 2014 the Turbochest and Turbo Foot ascender advanced ascender hardware by great steps.

Overview of Camp Carabiners by Niceguydave

Camp Turbo Foot Ascender

Right Foot
Left Foot

Foot ascenders are about to take a big step with the advent of the Turbo ascender from Italian manufacturer CAMP. These foot ascenders are compact and lightweight as you would expect from top-quality climbing gear, but the real exciting development is in the rollers that sit opposite the tooth cam. These rollers increase ascending efficiency and reduce wear on your climbing lines and the ascender. The straps on the Turbo foot are easy to adjust and reinforced on the step. Available right or left. Fits 8mm-13mm rope (up to 1/2"). Weighs 4.8oz.

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Camp Turbochest Ascender

Camp Turbochest Ascender


The rollers on this new chest ascender from CAMP of Italy are a big step up for ascending hardware. Normally, this would be where the rope could rub against the device. Placing these rollers here decreases wear and friction, making for a more efficient ascent. The Camp Turbochest is extremely lightweight, at only 3.9 oz, designed to lay flat against the chest, and works with ropes from 8-13mm (up to 1/2").

CAMP Steel Oval Screw Lock Carabiner

CAMP Steel Oval Screw Lock Carabiner


Brk Str : 5,620 lb (25 kN) • Height : tbd ” • Width : tbd ” • Weight : 5.8 oz / 165 g • Gate : tbd” (pin lock)

CAMP's steel oval screw-gate carabiner is a very compact, symmetrical carabiner. Zinc plated for extra resistance to the elements. Great for mechanical advantage systems, rescue, slide lines, and more.

CAMP Nano Wire-Gate Carabiner

CAMP Nano Wire-Gate Carabiner


Brk Str : 4,496 lb (20 kN) • Height : 3.375” /9.5 cm • Height : 2"” / 5.1 cm • Weight : .8 oz 23 g • Gate : .82”/ 21mm (wire gate)

Super-light wire-gate carabiner with an impressive 20 kN strength and absolutely top-notch action. The spring on the gate mechanism is very good.

CAMP Fifi Aluminum Hook

Fifi Aluminum Hook


Lightweight, small-profile aluminum hook. Borrowed from rock climbing, this hook is finding use as a connector for tending your hybrid system.

Anodized aluminum, weighs 14g / .5 oz. Colors may vary.

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