Distel Aluminum Climbers

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The new Distel Alu 3 are the lightest aluminum spurs currently out there. The newly designed hot-forged shank features anti-slip ribs on the bottom of the stirrup, 3-dimensional forging details and a black polymer anodization, making it a spur of highest quality.

Climber pads housed in a fiberglass shell with thermoplastic matrix, for a virtually unbreakable shell with an excellent blend of stiffness, weight, and flexibility.

Price is for one complete set of climbers with your choice of gaffs and straps.

Imported item. If not in stock, your climbers will be placed on our next regular order.

What sets Distel climbers apart?

  • High quality: Only top materials are used, so you can rely on your climbers
  • Longevity: Distel aims to build climbers that will support your work for many years
  • Made in Europe: Distel climbers are created in an exclusively European production chain

Distel Climbers - History, Quality, & Innovation

Ulrich Distel built his first pair of entirely fiberglass climbers in his garage back in 1989. He began taking the climbers to trade shows, and followed them up with aluminum spurs. From the beginning, the climbers that bear the Distel name have been innovative and high-quality.

Features & Benefits

  • 2020 pads have extra shin and calf padding and grid structure for optimal fit
  • Adjustable height from 34.3cm to 47.8 cm (13.5" to 18.8")
  • Stirrup width: 38mm
  • Anti-slip ribs on climber bottom
  • Top quality manufacturing
  • Weight per pair starting from 1.98 kg (4.37 lb) depending on configuration.

USA Short - Pole Gaff

The Distel pole gaff is ideally suited for thin-barked trees. It sticks easily into hard and dry wood.

Spike height: 29mm, gaff length:31mm

USA Long - Tree Gaff

The Distel tree gaff is the specialist for trees with thick bark. Due to the long gaff length a firm hold is always achieved.

Spike height: 48mm, gaff length:57mm

Heidelberg – European Gaff

The doubly angled gaff is an all-rounder. The special gaff shape helps against levering out at the stand.

Spike height: 39mm, gaff length:40mm

Classic Straps

The imitation leather straps in combination with the upper 105 mm Velcro strap is not called classic strap for no reason. It is particularly insensitive to resin and sawdust and highly durable.

Calf diameter: 31 - 50cm, max lower length of straps: 66 cm

Velcro Straps

The Velcro Straps offer a play-free and tight adjustment. The 55mm lower Velcro Strap and the 105 mm upper Velcro Strap, achieve optimal pressure distribution and high comfort.

Calf diameter: 31 - 50cm, max lower length of straps: 66 cm

Click Straps

The two Cobra click buckles from AustriAlpin on the upper and lower straps allow you to put on and take off your spurs very quickly. Once adjusted you are good to go.

Calf diameter: 31 - 50cm, max lower length of straps: 66 cm

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