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Evo 2 Tree Climbing Boots

ArbPro Evo 2 Tree Climbing Boots ArbPro Evo 2 Tree Climbing Boots ArbPro Evo 2 Tree Climbing Boots ArbPro Evo 2 Tree Climbing Boots ArbPro Evo 2 Tree Climbing Boots ArbPro Evo 2 Tree Climbing Boots ArbPro Evo 2 Tree Climbing Boots
Evo 2 Tree Climbing Boots image

Evo 2 Tree Climbing Boots

Evo 2 Boots by Arbpro- -

High performance climbing boots popular with Arborists the world over. Slim and lightweight design with a special “climbing zone” tip for optimal grip in every situation. Hookless lacing system prevents damage to your rope. The upper is made from premium quality “Perwanger” leather with a rubber reinforcement profile. Event® 4 Layer Waterproof fabric offers maximum breathability and water resistance.

  • Excellent grip in all situations
  • Vibram Megagrip Sole for superior grip and durability
  • Integrated attachment point for a carabiner

Available in whole sizes from 8 - 13. Weighs about 3 lb per pair.

  • Incorporated loop for use with ascender
  • Rubber rand around entire shoe for added durability
  • MEGAGRIP sole for excellent traction
  • Excellent protection and grip while footlocking
Manufacturer : ArbPro
Made in : Italy
Available Sizes : 8-13 (D width)
Weight : Aprox 3 lb. per pair (size 10)

Customer Reviews

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Rated: Excellent Review by: Clint

“The boot that does it all!!!! Spurs, foot ascenders, knee ascenders, and very waterproof to the end of there time! Great for the PNW weather! ”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Caleb from CDA

“Just ordered my third pair... they are that good! Came from tall lineman boots... I’m required to produce all day for a small full service company... Big conifer removals in the mornings turn into fruit tree afternoons, or 1/4 mile stretches of arborvitae ladder marathons... or I’m hiking through the woods felling, bucking, dragging, packing or doing bucket work... these boots do it ALL! In my opinion they do it all very well! Spending two or three hours standing on gaffs with these babies is my favorite... My job “mostly” requires lots of time spur climbing... I use Klein hooks and leather “super climber pads” from weaver, I wear tall merino ski socks and always feel so secure and comfortable despite the low profile heal of the evo2. I’m seldom doing any rope entry these days but the click step feature is rad... and always there. Ive climbed and done ladder work in my salewa hikers (a very similar boot and option from other retailers) and they pale in comparison. The arbpro toe is the cats pajamas and grips like glue... i also rely on this when spur climbing and miss it if I wear my tall leathers or winter Hoffman’s.

Downsides: I only get about a year and a half out of them (Trying to wear them less on really wet days to preserve them) They are a “breathable waterproof ‘eVent’ which comes with their typical caveats of funky foot and never truly being actually waterproof. My initial pair were 10’s, second pair are 10.5’s and now I’m ordering 11’s. I feel like they shrink over time.. perhaps consider sizing up.... Just buy them”

Rated: Good Review by: Matt Rhoades

“Great solid Arborist boot. I would recommend to anyone looking for a good pruning boot!”

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