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Silky Tsurugi Curve Hand Saw

Tsurugi Curve 330Tsurugi Curve 210
Silky Tsurugi Curve Hand Saw image Silky Tsurugi Curve Hand Saw

Buy Silky Tsurugi Curve Hand Saw

13” / 330mm Tsurugi Curve (Large Teeth)


8.3” / 210mm Tsurugi Curve (Medium Teeth)


Special-Order Tsurugi Curve Saws

8.3” / 210mm Tsurugi Curve (Large Teeth)


10.6” / 270mm Tsurugi Curve (Large Teeth)


10.6” / 270mm Tsurugi Curve (Medium Teeth)


13” / 330mm Tsurugi Curve (Medium Teeth)


The saws in this area are available from Silky as special order items. Please allow an extra few days for delivery. These saws will show up as "Out of Stock" when added to your cart, but will be immediately ordered from Silky.

Silky's curved Tsurugi is a wonder of saw technology. The thin blade will fit in tight crotches without trouble or damage to nearby limbs, yet it sports the same large pruning teeth that have made Silky saws like the Sugoi popular for their aggressive cutting. The design of the Tsurugi is minimalist, with no screws, bolts, or other parts to keep the handle together. Rather the handle is a two-part molded rubber handle which fits perfectly and securely around the full tang for balanced saw with a comfort grip and no added bulk.

The scabbard for the Tsurugi is the best saw scabbard we've yet seen. The lightweight aluminum body protects the saw, and eight internal rollers make sure the blade glides into place and then the handle 'locks' into place as the two nubs on the rubber handle pass through the rollers.

SAW1132, SAW1133

Overview of the Silky Tsurugi Series by Niceguydave

  • Rust-resistant blade
  • Curved blade helps make faster, easier cuts
  • Sheath included
Manufacturer : Silky
Made in : Japan
Blade length of 330 : 13” (330mm)
Blade length of 270 : 10.6” (210mm)
Blade length of 210 : 8.3” (210mm)
Weight of 330 : 240g / .53lb
Weight of 270 : 230g / .51lb
Weight of 210 : 210g / .46lb
Blade Material : High Carbon Steel

Sharp and powerful!

Use common sense and appropriate work wear when using any bladed tool.

Customer Reviews

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Rated: Disappointing Review by: Tyler Roth

“I love Silky hand saws. I have had the 14" sugoi previously and loved it. There are 2 main issues with this 16.5" version and they are both scabbard issues. Firstly the blade of the hand saw quickly cut a notch from the bottom end of the scabbard. This allows the first tooth or so to protrude and lock up with the scabbard. This means that i have to hit my scabbard fairly hard to the the saw blade to free from the scabbard. This is EVERY time I need to use it which is very frustrating. Secondly, Silky does NOT have the rubber/plastic clip anchor point like the the 14" Sugoi. Instead the 16.5" has a pleather like loop which is held in by by two flimsy gromets. One of the grommets fully fell out and the other is barely hanging in there. I have to zip tie it every week.”

Update: The saw is as good as silky always is... The scabbard is horrible!! Is DOES NOT have a a quick release clip like other models. The rivets (X2) are extremely weak. One broke soon after my purchase and I've had to zip tie it about once a week for 6 months. The scabbard tip also allows the tip of the blade to protrude which means I can never pull it out. I have to hit the scabbard on my boot or tree to get the teeth dislodged to use. Bottom line: saw is awesome. scabbard is a terrible design!

Rated: Excellent Review by: Caleb

“ This is the saw I have been waiting for. It is the perfect size for every task that, I wouldn't use a chain saw for. you can squeeze the narrow blade in tight crotches and cut sprouts out of the way faster than it takes to start your chain saw. It is very light weight. Great scabbard, the aluminum is much more durable than the standard plastic. The replacement blade is reasonably priced as well. ”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Greenscapes707

“ I use this saw (Silky Tsurugi 200mm) at work for pruning trees and even tackled a few larger 6" limbs with it. It cuts small saplings and suckers like butter with a single stroke. Wear gloves. It will take a finger nail off lickity split! ”

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