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Brion Toss Rope Splicing Wands

Brion Toss Rope Splicing Wand Snare Easily Graps Rope Strands Splicing Wands Make Splicing 16-strand Easier
Brion Toss Splicing Wands image Brion Toss Splicing Wands

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Medium (Arborist): 5/16” - 1/2”

Making Your Own Eye Splices DVD

Splicing DVD

Eye Splices video by Brion Toss is packed with almost 3 hours of clear, easy to follow rope splicing instructions. DVD features expanded arborist rope splice section. Covers double braid, 3-strand, spectra, and sta-set splices.

The Brion Toss Splice Wand makes splicing braided rope much easier than it is with conventional tools. Slide the tool into the rope, grab the end you want with the snare, and slide the tool out. The tip of the wand is bevelled for easy entry into the rope core without damaging or plucking fibers. The wand is best used with a bench vise, leaving you both hands free to deal with the rope. The splicing wand is the tool of choice for professionals, especially for use on 16-strands. Instructions included with each unit.

Note: Arborist wand is extra-long (42”) to more easily perform the long bury needed for spliced eyes on 16-strand arborist ropes.


WesSpur 16-Strand Eye Splice Video

  • Saves time on buries
  • Vastly improves ease of 16-strand splicing
Manufacturer : Brion Toss
Made in : USA

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