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Niceguydave is available to assist you in selecting the appropriate gear or answering your questions about the tree climbing equipment we sell. When you ask Niceguydave you know you are getting an opinion with deep roots in the industry. If you have a question you'd like answered, get a hold of Niceguydave below by phone or email below, or "like" the Nicguydave on Facebook to stay up to day with demos, featured product explanations, and more.

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Niceguydave arborist consultant

About Niceguydave

My name is David Stice. About 10 years ago my friends started calling me Niceguydave. What started as a joke became a nick name many people in the industry refer to me by.

Like many of the tree climbers I know, my expertise comes from a hands-on real world experience. Over the last 2 decades I have worked in some of the most rewarding industries. The work and people I work with are the greatest source of motivation in my life. Since 2006 I have made it a point to pass on my experience in hands-on training to people in the arboriculture industry.

My work experience comes from a variety of fields. For a number of years I have done commercial fishing in the Northeast Pacific, been a sawyer on the Hotshots, and done timber falling and production climbing. I have served as an aerial rescue technician on hurricane cleanups. I have had the honor of training some of the best tree climbers I know. The skills they acquired have helped them overcome the difficult scenarios that they encounter in day to day tree work.

I feel fortunate to have mentored many people starting out their professional careers; it has been extremely rewarding and now it is my pleasure to offer my knowledge and real-world experience to you and your business. My training material and consulting services are intended to assist your advancement in the industry.

Arboriculture and commercial tree climbing in particular are some of the most challenging and rewarding skilled labor professions in our country . I am here to assist and pass my knowledge and experience in this field on to those who want it, to help them enjoy a safe and successful career.

Please feel free to contact me over the phone, email, via Skype or Facebook with any questions or suggestions. The training material is available on or YouTube. I will also be providing reviews of the latest products on the market as well as tips and tricks of the trade which will be posted on, Facebook and will available in WesSpur catalogs and newsletters. Please feel free to contact me with any topics you would like to see addressed.

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