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Arborist Ropes

Choose one of the categories below to browse our full selection of Arborist Climbing Ropes or tree rigging ropes, bulk prusik cord, and arborist rope splicing supplies. Many of the lines we carry are available with spliced eyes. If you don't see your favorite tree climbing or rigging rope in our catalog, please feel free to contact us - we may be able to source it for you.

Did you know we offer every climbing or rigging rope we sell in bulk?

picture of 24-strand Arborist Climbing Rope

Climbing Line

A great selection of tree climbing line in all sizes.

picture of double-braid tree rigging line

Rigging Rope

Tree rigging ropes for pruning & removals.

picture of heat-resistant prusik cord

Hitch Cord

Bulk prusik cord and pre-spliced prusiks.

picture of arborist throw line

Throw Line

Arborist throw lines, the Big Shot, throw weights, and more.

Picture of a rope bag for storing climbing line

Rope Bags

Protect your climbing & rigging lines, and make deployment easier.

Picture of varying size eye splices in Arborist Climbing Rope

Rope Splicing

Buy tools to splice your own ropes, or use our custom service.

Picture of rope soap for washing climbing line

Rope Care

Rope soap, washing bags, and other tools to care for your rope.

Picture of AmSteel-Blue winch line

Winch Lines

Super-strong winch lines for chippers, trucks, portable winches, etc.

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