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Custom Rope Lengths and Splicing

WesSpur is the best place to get your arborist climbing and rigging ropes. Not only do we stock a huge selection of ropes from the best manufacturers in the U.S. and abroad, but all of our ropes are available to purchase by the foot. This unique service is ideal for tree climbers and riggers, as you are not stuck with the pre-bagged lengths that other shops offer, but can purchase any length of rope up to the length of the reel. For most tree ropes, this means anything up to 600' is no problem, and some ropes are available in even longer segments!

The Bulk Rope Benefit

bulk arborist rope

While we stock our ropes in the most popular pre-cut lengths (120', 150', and 200'), we frequently have customers who want either a very short, or very long arborist line. Climbing lines under 100' are often ordered by tree climbers who use the shorter rope exclusively as a doubled-rope to work the canopy after entering the tree on a longer doubled or single rope system. Speaking of single rope, we sell most of our very long climbing ropes (200 feet and over) to climbers who are using them for entering very tall trees on single rope. When it comes to rigging, tree riggers working with tall conifers will sometimes order custom ropes over 200' to give them plenty of rope to work the tree, and possibly use redirects or a higher block for better management of rigging forces.

At WesSpur you can get your custom length by selecting your climbing or rigging line, selecting the bulk rope item #, and entering the quantity you would like. If you would like to get multiple lengths of the same type of rope, just leave us a note in the "comments" section about how to divide it up, and we will measure, cut, and bag it for you. (For example, if you wanted to order two 175' ropes of the same kind, the computer will combine that all into 350' of bulk rope. Just leave us the note for how to cut it, and we will get it done.)

Clearance Rope

Because WesSpur sells all arborist ropes in bulk, we end up with odd lengths of line at the end of the reel. We don't mind, because that lets us offer great deals on these brand new ropes on our clearance rope page. All of the lines we sell on clearance are brand new and discounted anywhere from 10% to 20% depending on the length. The WesSpur clearance rope page is updated every week, so keep your eye on it for great deals. You'll find many shorter lengths (under fifty feet of line) ideal for short climb lines, making long lanyards, splicing projects, fliplines, and more, plus great deals on ropes from fifty to a hundred feet, and occasionally even longer lines.

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