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Samson Climbing & Rigging Ropes for Tree Care

With over 130 years of cordage-manufacturing history behind it, Samson moves into the future with advanced research and development. Samson has pioneered many of the tools we take for granted today, such as the first synthetic arborist climbing rope (Arbor-Plex) and high-strength Dyneema lines for replacing steel cable (AmSteel-Blue.) In addition to advances in fiber and braiding technology, Samson's Samthane coating enhances the durability and snag-resistance of their arborist ropes.

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Samson V-Series Ropes

Samson's premiere line of arborist climbing ropes is the V-series, made up of Velocity, Voyager, and Vortex. These topes are premium 24-strand, double-braid arborist climbing ropes. Ranging from 11mm to 12.7mm to accommodate different climbing styles and hardware, V-series ropes offer superior handling and performance in the field.


11mm / 24-strand / 6,000 lb tensile str / 5.6 lb per 100'

  • Lightweight, strong 24-strand with tight cover
  • One of the first arborist 24-strands – very popular
  • Great footlocking, competition, and MRS rope
  • Good canopy access line

One of the lightest climbing ropes we sell, this 7/16" (11mm) premium arborist rope is for tree care professionals who need quick and easy access to the tops of trees without being weighed down. Velocity feels broken-in right out of the bag and runs great in hardware.

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11.8mm / 24-strand / 8,000 lb tensile str / 6.5 lb per 100'

  • Built to fit in the newest climbing devices
  • Great handling with hardware & prusiks
  • Great competition and work line
  • Good canopy access line

At 15/32" (11.8mm), Voyager fit into a nice sweet spot between Velocity and Vortex making it perfect for the newest climbing devices. Nylon and polyester construction gives the rope low elongation with great abrasion resistance.

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12.7mm / 24-strand / 8,800 lb tensile str / 7.6 lb per 100'

  • Larger diameter for a comfortable grip
  • Excellent hand and knot-ability
  • Works well with both prusiks & hardware
  • Perfect blend of performance & comfort

The climbing line of choice for professionals, this 1/2" (12.7mm) rope offers an easy grip and with excellent hand, knot-ability, and strength. With and incredible average breaking strength of 8,800 lb, Vortex is both strong and easy to use in the field.

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