XTC-16 13mm Climbing Rope

$123.00 to $236.00
$123.00 to $236.00


DIAMETER13mm (1/2"+)


Yale's XTC-16 is a unique 16-strand tree climbing rope available in 3 colors: Fire, Plus, and Poseidon.

This rope is specifically designed for the demanding needs of arborists. XTC-16 is made from extrusion-dyed polyester, resulting in permanent coloration that won't fade or run with use. The tightly woven 16-strand construction with a high twist core of torque-balanced polyester keeps the line firm and round. This provides an extra measure of safety and performance.


  • Manufacturer: Yale Cordage
  • Diameter: 13mm (1/2")
  • Construction: 16-strand
  • Tensile strength: 6,200 lb ABS
  • Elongation: 1.4% at 10% ABS
  • Weight per 100' / 100m: 7.5 lb / 11.2 kg
  • Spliceable: Yes
  • Sewn Eyes: Yes
  • Made in the USA

Yale's XTC 16-strand climbing rope is available in custom lengths on our bulk climbing rope page.

XTC 16-strand is available on a 600' reel on our climbing rope reels page.

You can add eyes on our rope splicing service page. (Check rope listing for available splice types.)

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11/9/2023 7:51 pm


by Miko

Yale 16 strand rope has a waxy feel to it, when it's new. Very pleasant. As it ages, and 'dries', I have to work a little harder setting my knots. But it's stellar 1/2" line. The 'Fire' color has beastly UV resistance. I've had XTC Fire in trees for years, year-round, in SEeastern PA, for rec climbing. Then I took it down when I got busier and I use it still, for light lowering and climbing. I recently tried the Poseiden color, and I've been using my 105' length of that as my go-to for about a year now. And my current 18' positioning lanyard is also Yale. The genius of chemical engineering is a mixed blessing. But when I'm climbing on Yale rope, it's decidedly a blessing.