Protos Integral Arborist Helmet





Pfanner created the Protos helmet to integrate all the required safety into one modular helmet after 12 years of development and research.

The chin strap, visor, neck protection and ear protection are all integrated and yet at the same time modular items. Thanks to the strongly gripping neck protector,the helmet sits perfectly even while working at an angle or upside-down and gives you a safe hold. All adjustable elements of the Protos are designed to be adjusted easily, with minimal fuss.

The Protos is a Type 1, Class C helmet and certified to EN 397 and EN 12492. It protects from vertical but also from horizontal impacts. This results in innovative "all-round-protection" designed to diffuse as much impact as possible in the outer shell. Due to the special cushioning construction (3-point mounting and anti-shock pads) of the interior shell, impacts are effectively absorbed and not transferred to the head or spine.

It is especially difficult to free up a hand when working at great heights. That is why everything on the Protos can be adjusted with just two fingers.

This item is not compatible with the Sena Tufftalk.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique fitting system
  • Integrated ear pro
  • Integrated face shield
  • Modular components
  • Ear pro slides up & back when not in use

Safety Features

  • Chin strap designed to reduce risk of losing helmet during a fall
  • Shock absorbed by deformation of the high density ABS plastic shell

Certifications & Standards

  • EN397
  • EN12492

Ratings & Reviews

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8/19/2023 8:23 am

Best helmet!

by jason

The helmet fits well and makes it so nice that you can put the hearing protection tuck into the helmet out of the way. It fits snugly on your head when you adjust it. The magnetic chin strap clip takes a little getting used to, but is a good design.

9/30/2023 9:12 pm

Why not sooner?


I've worn various helmets/hard hats doing treework, but this is the best combination of head, hearing and eye pro you could ask for. No more safety squint, messing around with ear plugs and using 10 q tips.

10/28/2023 6:47 am

Awesome helmet, best in the industry

by David W Meyer

I've had my Protos helmet for several years now, having previously used Petzl helmets. By far, the Protos is the most comfortable helmet I've ever owned. At times I forget it is even on my head. Also, the integrated hearing protection is very significant to me because my former helmet's ear protectors would constantly get snagged on branches and ropes, while the Protos does not. The only suggestion I have to improve the helmet is to make a dial or knob to adjust the helmet's size. It takes too long to adjust if wearing a sweat band inside the helmet.

11/4/2023 8:49 pm

Great helmet!

by Konrad

This helmet is fantastic. Fits well and the addition of the built in ear and eye pro is great. Ear protection might not be as good as some of the 3M attachable muffs, but I like that they move back out of the way if you’re not using it. Overall, a great product for the arb industry!

Also, I read a post on social media where someone forgot his Protos on his truck’s gear box, drove off and realized he didn’t have it… looked back and a car (or two) had run over it. It was still intact! Obviously it couldn’t be worn because it was run over, but if that doesn’t speak to the durability of these helmets…I don't know what does.