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Tree Climbing Gadgets and Innovations

We are constantly learning of new products that are very useful for tree climbers, and fall outside of the usual categories in our store. Here you will find the latest tree climbing gadgets and innovative tools, such as rope retrieval devices, lasers, grappling hooks, and more.

Green Laser Day Light Laser

Green Laser Day-visible Laser pointer


Green laser puts out an amazingly bright beam that can be seen in broad daylight! Easily mark limbs or hazards from the ground and save time communicating with climbers or homeowners. (Do NOT look directly into the beam! It will cause eye damage.) Requires 2 AAA batteries which are included in case.

Wavelength - 532 nm, Output Power - 4.8 ~ 5.0 mW, Operating Lifetime - 2,000 to 3,000 hrs, Range - 25,000 ft. Class - IIIa, 1 Year Warranty.

International customers: please check the regulations governing laser devices in your country - this device may be illegal to import in some countries.

Mini-reach Rope Retrieval Device


The Mini-Reach retriever is a super-compact, lightweight rope retrieval device which adds over 3 feet (1 meter) to your reach, yet folds up to only 7 inches, and weighs only 3.2 ounces. Easily hooks to your saddle with attached tool carabiner (not load-rated) for extended reach when you need aid in retrieving or setting lines.

Warning: DO NOT operate or carry this device near electrical power lines as it conducts electricity. Contact with power lines may result in injury or death.

The Imp SRT Redirect Device

The Imp SRT Redirect Device


The IMP is a tool for redirects in SRT climbing. For use with 10mm - 12mm ropes, 25 kN MBS. See the videos below for more information on using this simple SRT device.

DMM Captain Throwing Hook

Captain (only)
Captain Kit

The Captain is a self-orientating, high strength throwing hook that is used as a positioning aid. It has been designed to increase stability and create work positioning options during complex jobs requiring repositioning. The shackle reduces torsional friction and allows the hook to pivot onto any anchor up to 90mm in diameter to achieve reliable location. In this way, the Captain allows you to use remote anchors to traverse the workspace in a controlled manner.

Once the anchor has been located, DMM's high quality engineering ensures the Captain achieves a rated strength of 18kN (dependent on anchor quality). Clever design allows the device to be efficiently racked when the job is done to minimise chances of snagging.

Yella Grapnel

Yella Grapnel


This compact little grapnel weighs only 5 oz, and is excellent for use in setting redirects. Only 4" long. Attach a length of throwline and you are good to go! Not for lifeline use.

Spatha Knife by Petzl

Spatha Knife by Petzl


This lightweight folding knife is ideal for carrying in case you need to cut rope or cord. Easy to open thanks to a textured wheel, can be locked open, and can be clipped anywhere.

Combination smooth and serrated blade edge, stainless steel blade, nylone handle, weighs 1.5 oz (43 g), 2.75” blade.

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Lanyard Management Clips 3-Pack (Assorted Colors)

Lanyard Management Clips 3-Pack (Assorted Colors)


3-packs of plastic lanyard clips, ideal for managing the slack on your tree-climbing lanyards up to 1/2”. These can be installed on the gear loops of many harnesses, such as the treeMOTION, Sequoia, and many Buckingham harnesses. A pair of needlenose pliers can be used to help install the clip. If your harness does not have cord gear loops, you can always install the clip on your own with some 5-6mm accessory cord. Once installed, the clips give you a quick place to snap the loose end of your lanyard to get that slack out of the way.

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