Rope Lanyard Kit

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$136.95 to $195.95

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WesSpur rope lanyard kits combine top-quality lanyards with your choice of adjustment option. Our lanyards are made in-house by Iron Street Rope Splicing and featured double-locking aluminum rope clips and outstanding quality.

Rope Selection

Select your preferred rope color and diameter. A smaller diameter is lighter while a fuller-size rope can be easier to handle and grip. All rope options have been chosen for visibility and performance.

Prusik & Micro Pulley

Choose this option to to adjust your lanyard with your preferred friction hitch. We've selected a 28", heat-resistant eye-to-eye prusik of appropriate diameter for the rope chosen. The included SMC Micro Pulley makes it easy to adjust your hitch with one hand.

RockGrab 90

This top-quality flipline adjuster from Rock Exotica puts a 90 degree twist in the cam shank, to keep your flipline adjuster positioned correctly and easy to adjust.

US Standard

This compact flipline-adjuster form Climb Right is affordable and easy to use.

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