Turbo Foot Evo Ascender - Right





The beloved Turbofoot ascender gets an upgrade with the Turbofoot Evo from CAMP. These foot ascenders are compact and lightweight as you would expect from top-quality climbing gear, but the real exciting development is in the rollers that sit opposite the tooth cam.

These rollers increase ascending efficiency and reduce wear on your climbing lines and the ascender itself. Can now be used in two different modes with the flick of a switch: free the cam to allow for immediate insertion and removal or lock the cam to prevent the possibility of accidental releases

The straps on the Turbo foot are easy to adjust and reinforced on the step.

Available right or left. Fits 8mm-13mm rope (up to 1/2"). Weighs 4.8oz.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Patented rollers
  • Locking or free cam with switch
  • Very lightweight
  • Made by CAMP in Italy
  • Compatible with ropes 8 -13mm (7/16" to 1/2")
  • Weight 150.3 g (5.3oz)

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10/16/2023 9:24 am

I have the original, not the Evo

by John -

Assuming the Evo is just an improvement with new feature as noted, and that it works as well as the original, then it should be great. I use this for every single rope climb and for any doubled rope climbs when hanging in space. It is good to my ropes, works smoothly, and has never had any issues. It is easy to attach to rope and release.