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Gerry Beranek's new Working Climber video series is a great update to his legendary book, The Fundamentals of General Tree Work. Filmed in the spectacular giant redwoods of Northern California, Working Climber covers every aspect of work.

Series 1

The video gives practical solutions to real problems faced by working tree climbers, such as how to advance a flipline on large diameter trunks, how to traverse from one tree into another, how to set a rope from the ground in a conifer, an analysis and comparison of climbing systems and gadgets, and many more.

  • The Throw Line
  • Entering the Tree
  • Spur and Flipline
  • SRT (Single Rope Technique)
  • Using the Climbing Line

Series 2

The second Working Climber video series packs over 6 hours of info o into one seres. Loaded with detailed technical info, first-person views of the cuts and techniques as they are practiced, and tons of real-life examples. Anyone performing tree work will benefit from this video set!

  • Hand Saw, Pole Saw, Chain Saw, The Cuts
  • Limbing the Tree, Topping the Tree, Chunk it Down
  • Rigging in the Tree

Series 3

Working Climber Series 3 Part 1 is Felling the Tree, and has a runtime of 6 hours and 4 minutes. Loaded with detailed technical info, first-person views of the cuts and techniques as they are practiced, tons of real-life examples.


  • Introduction
  • The Tree
  • The Environment
  • Wood Fiber
  • The Undercut
  • The Diagonal Cut
  • The Back Cut
  • Wedging the Tree
  • Jacking the Tree
  • Pulling the Tree

Working Climber Series 3 Part 2 is Limbing and Bucking the Tree. Part 2 has a runtime of 3 hours and 49 minutes.


  • Limbing the Tree
  • Bucking the Tree
  • Supplemental Apps

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11/7/2023 7:15 am

The legend at work

by Samantha

Reading and looking at pictures is great, but for those who need to watch something be done to learn this is it. All the techniques being talked about are also shown in real time. One thing to note is the vids are shot in coniferous trees not deciduous.

2/10/2024 6:26 pm

Put on the coffee!

by Ian

For those that have a far easier time learning through actual videos instead of books, this is the best resource that I've found. While you can purchase each drive by itself, I'd definitely recommend getting the whole set together. Even if you're sure that you know the information being covered, thsi series helps present it in an in-depth and easy to learn fashion. Put on the coffee and turn on the tv!