Screw-Locking Carabiners

Screw-gate carabiners are popular for rigging, redirects, and other operations which do not require a double-locking gate. Steel screw-gate carabiners give you the highest strength, but are considerably heavier than their aluminum counterparts.

25 Products

Mini-Oval Screwgate
RockX Accessory Screw-Lock
Small Iron Wizard Screw-Lock
OK Screw-Lock
Oxan Screw-Lock
Rollclip Z Screw-Lock
William Screw-Lock
Am'D Screw-Lock
RockO Screw-Lock
Pirate Screw-Lock
RockD Screw-Lock
Oval Screw-Lock
Pillar Screw-Lock
Phantom Screw-Lock
Kinetic Screw-Lock

Awaiting Restock

SMC Crossover Screw-Lock
Vulcan Screw-Lock
SMC Lite Stainless Screw-Lock
Omni Screw-Lock

Special Order Item

Aluminum Small D Screw-Lock
SMC Steel D XL Screw-Lock