Aztek Kit




The AZTEK elite system utilizes sewn cord products to create a mechanical advantage system. System contains 50' of rope, two AZTEK Omni pulleys, 2 x 6mm sewn ratchets, and 2 Sterling SafeD carabiners. The AZTEK is contained in a compact hip-carry pouch.

Creates either a 5:1 mechanical advantage or a 4:1 with a change of direction. Applications include lifting downed limbs, rescue, and more.

A unique, multi-functional system, the AZTEK is a simple and versatile tool for mechanical advantage rigging. The system has numerous uses, including as an adjustable high directional for a belay line, pickoffs and aerial rescue, for litter scoop rigging and attendant tether, among others. The opposite end of the rope functions as an individual edge restraint system utilizing the included travel restraint and screwlink. The AZTEK Omni Block pulleys keep loads oriented correctly when tensioned.

  • Features & Benefits:
  • 4:1 or 5:1 advantage
  • Compact system
  • Swivel-blocks for optimum positioning
  • Assembly instructions included
  • MBS Rating (lb) 6,295
  • Weighs 3.8 lb
  • Manufacturer - Textile Elements : Sterling Rope
  • Manufacturer, Aztek Blocks : Rock Exotica
  • Made in : U.S.A.

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10/16/2023 5:33 pm

Best MA system ever, in my opinion

by John -

I use this all the time to tension lines. I keep it out of dynamic rigging scenarios so it can still be safely used for rescue. If it is every subjected to dynamic forces I will get another for rescue and use the original for rigging. Small, nice carry pack, good design, easy to use, long lasting, not much more I could ask except to have anther.