About Us – WesSpur Tree Equipment

We are a team of hard-working men and women sourcing, testing, and selling tree gear. We are an independent store. We don't have corporate ownership or our own brand of imported gear. We give it to you straight, with recommendations from customers and our own experts on what works in the field.

WesSpur was founded in 1982 in Bellingham WA, nestled between the wooded Chuckanut mountains and Bellingham Bay. More than 40 years later, we're still in our home town. We ship tree gear around the world while treating every customer like a local.

We have a simple motto we work by:

Great Gear, Great Prices, Great Service.


We are constantly on the lookout for new gear from trusted manufacturers, and innovations from the community. We source, test, and review new gear to make sure it's worth your while.


With your life on the line, you don't want to buy 'budget' gear. That doesn't mean you should overpay. We sell great gear at the best prices we can. If you find someone undercutting us, we will pricematch on the spot! We won't let price keep someone from being a WesSpur customer.


Friendly service and expert advice are at the core of WesSpur's values. We love working with people in the arb world. We understand that the gear we sell supports your business – and your life! Our awesome customer service staff makes sure that you get what you need for your job. Our technical expert, Niceguydave is on hand to answer questions with first-hand knowledge.

We want to be your tree gear supplier for life; that means treating the customer right.

Free shipping over $99*! Same-day shipping on orders placed by 1pm!

You'll notice the difference when you order from WesSpur. There's no phone tree or answering service – you'll talk to a human right away. If your order comes in over the web, we review it before passing it to shipping. We check for problems – gear that doesn't work together, out of stock items, etc. If all is good, we take it to the warehouse and carefully pack it. If the order came in by 1 PM Pacific time, it will ship out that same day! We offer free shipping on orders over $99 in the continental US, with some exceptions. If for any reason it can't ship, we will notify you.

We're not done with the order until you've got your new gear in the tree!

Our job isn't done when the order leaves WesSpur. We will help track the order and work with the carrier to overcome any shipping complications. If you unbox your tree gear and it's not what you're expecting, we will arrange a return or exchange. We aren't done with the order until you've got your new gear in the tree!

The WesSpur Family

Iron Street Rope Splicing

Our ropes, prusiks, slings and other products are spliced by the professionals at Iron Street Rope Splicing. These Samson-certified rope splicers have been part of the WesSpur family since 2011. Thousands of tree climbers and riggers have depended upon Iron Street spliced ropes and slings. You can trust Iron Street for your splicing needs.

Ascension Group Northwest

Ascension Group presents training courses in tree climbing, rigging, and aerial rescue. Our technical expert Dave Stice is the head instructor, and has helped many climbers improve their skills. Training is critical for tree crews, and makes a company safer and more efficient. Custom training courses are available.

Email Ascension Group

Aerial Rescue Challenge

The Aerial Rescue Challenge is a combination of educational event and competition. Competitors from Arboriculture, Rope Access, and Fire/Rescue come together for classroom learning, individual challenges, and a team competition in Aerial Rescue. This unique event is an opportunity to learn and compete with professionals across work at heights disciplines. WesSpur presents the ARC with help from industry leaders.

WesSpur Dealers

WesSpur supplies equipment dealers across the nation.

WesSpur in the Arb World

Event Support

We support tree climbing competitions and workshops around the country. You'll see a WesSpur booth at many ISA events in the Pacific Northwest. Our technical expert Dave Stice travels throughout the year as a judge and volunteer. If you need sponsorship for your arboriculture event, contact our Events Director Ardie.

Non Profit Support

WesSpur supports non-profits doing cool things in the trees! The Tree Project, Canopy Watch, and Peregrine Fund are some of the groups we sponsor.

WesSpur Calendar

Every year we publish a calendar featuring pics of WesSpur customers working and playing in the trees. This Calendar is available from our store for free while supplies last. We want to put the spotlight where it belongs – on our incredible customers who do the impossible as a matter of course!


We kind of have a thing for dogs. What can we say? Use #arbdogs or #wesspurdogs to show us your hard-working tree dogs on social media.