Double-Locking Carabiners

Carabiners used for climbing or work positioning must be self-closing and self-double locking, and capable of withstanding a 5,000 lb (22.24 kN) load along the major axis with the gate closed. See ANSI Z133-2017 8.2.8. Self-closing, double-locking carabiners are required for the support of the tree climber and for all parts of the tree climbing system which are responsible for supporting the climber. Double-locking carabiners provide the security of a self-closing, self-locking carabiner, but as with all parts of a personal tree climbing system, the carabiner should be checked and confirmed to be closed and locked by the tree climber during the pre-climb inspection.

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Klettersteig Locksafe ANSI
HMS Bulletproof Triple
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Steel HMS Triple
Ovalone Inox Autoblock
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