Friction Savers & Climbing Anchors

Ring and ring (or ring and pulley) friction savers allow the climber to set a tie-in point from the ground that will protect both the climbing rope and the tree. The rope runs through the small and big ring for reduced wear and friction. The tree is protected from the rope girdling a channel in the bark. Friction savers are simple to set from the ground with a throw line, and can also be retrieved from the ground.

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Snakeanchor - 16'
Snakeanchor - 8'
Treesbee - 110cm

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Treesbee - 90cm
Wire Strop - 100cm
Flint Locker
Ropeguide Twinline

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equaLIZA for Pulleysaver
Rope Sleeve - 30"
Rope Sleeve - 60"
Cambium Saver - 3/4" Capacity
Cambium Saver - 1/2" Capacity
Friction Saver Prusik
Stopper Gate for Ropeguide Twinline

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